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We offer total support in designing your sales floor

Interested in setting up a new cosmetics shop? Want to renovate your existing store? Need anyone to create your sales floor from scratch? Then, call us. Total Retail Support System is a unique service for cosmetic stores. We provide comprehensive support from store planning to the renovation of existing outlets. Ida Ryogokudo draws on its experience and business networks built up over the years as a wholesaler and an exclusive import agent of health and beauty products to design floor plans that attract shoppers.
What type of store do you plan to establish? We will help turn your vision into most suitable reality.

Maintain sales floor that attracts shoppers

Consumer trends have been changing rapidly amid the diversification of the sense of beauty and taste. If you want to offer products that satisfy consumer needs, just by displaying a wide assortment of items is insufficient. You need a promotion strategy to make your merchandise more appealing. You must flexibly respond to changes in fashion trends and seasonality.
Ida Ryogokudo’s “Total Retail Support System” will propose an optimal promotion strategy to create products that are now in demand, or future products expansion, and attractive sales floors. It will enable to sustain the sales floor that always attracts shoppers. If you want to create a sales floor that really sells, leave it to us to handle all your needs.

Get ready for guests from the world
Responding to the increase of foreign tourists

We suggest assortment of merchandise and in-store promotions for foreign tourists.
The number of travelers to Japan has been on a general upward trend. In 2013, the figure reached 10.36 million, it was the first time the annual visitor count exceeded 10 million. This seems to be the trend for the foreseeable future.
Foreign customer demand for cosmetics as souvenirs has been growing as well as home electronics. Dealing appropriately and vigorously with them will be an urgent challenge because cosmetics has been added to the tax-exemption products from October 1st, 2014 due to the tax system revision.
We work with you as a team to find the best solutions which responds to foreign tourists.