Service Policy


Our Aim

The world’s most enjoyable shop that delights consumers.
We illuminate all brands to create this.

As specialists of cosmetics wholesaling for over a century, we aspire today to create “world’s most enjoyable shop.” In other words, a place that delights consumers. With variations in every visit, they can always browse around with fresh enthusiasm. They can also realize what they are really looking for. To provide this joy at the world’s most enjoyable shop, it is vital that each product, or more namely, each brand radiates. We are fully committed as guide runners to ensure that all brands radiate in their unique way to attract consumers.

To achieve the world’s most enjoyable shop,
we place value on neutrality and continuity.


Discerning the true value that the brand/product should pitch, we build win-win relationships between makers and stores.

We stand between makers and stores, with the mission of building win-win relationships. Maintaining neutrality is imperative to this. Our first step is to affirm the sentiments of the maker instilled in the brand and product. Based on this and applying the rich data and experience we have amassed for over 100 years, we discern the true value that the product should pitch. We will then develop a strategy for the store to envision a successful future and propose this to both the maker and the store. While embracing the sentiments that the maker has instilled in their brands and products, we will objectively focus on the market and aim to ensure success.


Detecting changes in consumer tastes to provide proposals so that the various brands and products will continue to shine.

Consumer tastes for cosmetics constantly change along with the trends. Products that were once popular with consumers can lose their radiance if the presentation stays the same. We have seen many instances of “standards” being substituted overnight. This is why we work quickly to detect signs of change from the consumer perspective and continue to provide proposals for all products to perpetually shine by revitalizing shops using Cross Merchandising Promotion and by reevaluating retail strategies. After all, the true value of brands lies in their endurance.

With this policy at heart, we will work with makers and stores in pursuit of the world’s most enjoyable shop.
About “Cross Merchandising Promotion,”
which embodies our policy

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