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We want to try selling at a physical store


While online shopping has become prevalent today, consumers will still visit physical stores. The simple reason for this is that they sense unique value in them. Thus, we at IDA Ryogokudo will use our unique expertise to support makers who are considering retailing at a physical store.


For example, makers like this

Consumers express the wish to try a tester before buying

We want to approach customers who have been unreachable by online/TV shopping

Consumers who dislike retargeting ads say that they want to shop at the store

We don’t know which type of store and area is right and the required quantity for first delivery

We don’t know what type of storefront promotional material would be effective

IDA Ryogokudo will
help makers with these dilemmas.


Flow from first meeting to storefront launch
Listening session and issue extraction

While checking the product being considered for storefront retailing and using testers, we will listen and learn about your brand concept, aspirations for the product, and target demographic. We will also confirm current retail channels, sales performance, and other, and provide advice on issues that may occur, as well as optimum timing for storefront launch.

Alignment for retail strategies

Once it has been decided to sell at a store, we will explain about optimum retail channels and other. We will decide which companies among our clients (including variety stores, GMS, and drugstores), area, number of doors, and the required inventory quantity for the initial round of sales, while considering product pricing and other.

Storefront launch and planning of
next-step strategy

Our company will secure the required space and fixtures for storefront sales, produce POP, etc. and launch storefront sales. After that, we will obtain information about sales and purchaser demographics on an ongoing basis. If there is need to change the pitch at the storefront, we will try out different measures with a medium- to long-term perspective, such as adjusting the display and/or executing a campaign, continually offering proposals for the best method to both the maker and retailer. Through this trial and error, we will establish branding.


IDA Ryogokudo solution results
Brand A haircare merchandise

First launched in a few doors of a certain variety store chain. We went on to expand to the top 50 stores of a certain variety store company to increase sales six-fold. Sales have been expanded to some 200 variety stores today, increasing sales even further to five-fold.

Brand B makeup merchandise (Chinese cosmetics)

First launched in the top 70 stores of a certain major variety store company. We later expanded to department stores and other variety stores, increasing number of doors about seven-fold and sales about ten-fold.

Brand C skincare merchandise (Korean cosmetics)

First launched in 280 doors (department stores and variety stores). We later expanded to top GMS and drugstores, achieving presence in approximately 3,300 doors. Sales also increased about ten-fold.

Company D, which had been selling by mail order and at esthetic salons only

Company D asked us for advice on how to sell at stores, but didn’t have storefront promotional materials because they had only sold products through mail order. Promotional materials such as POP are needed when selling, so we started by suggesting that they strengthen this and then worked with them to develop a sales strategy.




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