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We want to enter the cosmetics industry


The consumer need of “I desire to become beautiful” has diversified with the times. We can assume today that the cosmetics industry is full of potential opportunities for all types of makers. In fact, an increasing number of makers from other industries are considering entry. IDA Ryogokudo will provide the unique tactics of the cosmetics industry and dispel the worries of makers while guiding them to succeed in their new ambitious undertaking.


For example, makers like this

We are completely unfamiliar with the cosmetics industry, so please teach us how to proceed with business

We want consumers to know the benefits of this product that we worked so hard to develop

We have no idea how to develop a public relations strategy

No one in our company knows if this price setting is appropriate

IDA Ryogokudo will
help makers with these dilemmas.


Key points to entering the cosmetics industry
Ground combat targeting individuals instead of air combat targeting mass

For cosmetics, it is important for each consumer to see, touch, and try. Airing a huge number of TV commercials or gaining large coverage of products on the shelves—this type of “air combat” to appeal to the masses is one important promotional method. However, IDA Ryogokudo places emphasis on “ground combat,” in other words, communication at real points of contact with customers. This means the development of shops based on one-to-one marketing where consumers will sense, “this shop is speaking to me,” and in a style unique to cosmetics, for which approaching the five senses is important.

Stronger resonance with concepts than with things

Without exception, makers are passionate and have strong thoughts about their products. While embracing those thoughts, we take an objective view of the shop situation and ponder how to entice the consumer to pick up the product. For example, by setting a theme such as “Asian cosmetics,” “sun protection,” or “anti-aging” and displaying relevant products, we foster resonance with consumers who think, “With this theme, I can probably find what I was looking for.” This creates the realization of “This is what I really wanted” and drives purchase motivation.

Product rollout that matches the shops

IDA Ryogokudo has amassed enormous data about the current and real situation for the market and about products that sell, and these are shared companywide at all times. Based on this knowledge, we provide all kinds of advice to makers, for example: “This is heavy for women’s hands, so let’s make it a bit thinner” “How about rethinking the size in consideration of shop space?” “This is the pricing for the benchmark product, so let’s lower the cost and rethink packaging.” Together with the maker, we will aim to improve performance with the ideal shop.

Discerning timing and scheme

When and how much a product will sell depends on the scheme and timing. The first step is to make effective use of social media and owned media and employ a scheme for consumers to discover you. We can anticipate a better effect the longer this is maintained. Discerning timing is also crucial. In some cases, it is best to launch immediately, while in other cases, it may be best to first test the market with online sales and other and then consider launch six months to one year later. Forecasting this is very difficult, but IDA Ryogokudo will analyze past case examples and current trends for an outlook and offer a proposal to maximize success.




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