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We want to develop new sales channels


Cosmetics industry trends are always changing. This is why hanging on too strongly to a position that you have fostered could result in the loss of business opportunities. IDA Ryogokudo will employ its amassed expertise to develop new sales channels and support makers to form and execute strategies. We will help to further improve recognizability of your brand and boost your image.


For example, makers like this

We want to enter business formats different from the stores we are already in

We are going to launch a new brand, so we want to employ a retail strategy different from our existing brands

Can we do a test rollout before deciding on a new sales channel?

We mainly retailed at real stores, so we want to enter e-commerce

IDA Ryogokudo will
help makers with these dilemmas.


Our system to develop new sales channels
Test marketing using our directly-operated stores

IDA Ryogokudo has the directly-operated stores “MAKE UP SOLUTION,” “Urban Comfort,” and “MS•Style” throughout Japan, now mainly in famous department stores and train stations in Tokyo. These stores combine the mission of serving as test-marketing venues for makers. Depending on the product concept, target, and price, we can start with a test rollout at these directly-operated stores, checking the reaction of consumers through customer service by inhouse sales staff and giving away samples. Once sales performance has been determined, we will newly propose sales channels.

Stabilized sales channel development process through initiatives based on relationships of trust

IDA Ryogokudo has long relationships with many makers today. Having developed relationships of trust, we work very closely with them. One benefit for makers to work with IDA Ryogokudo is a consistent retail strategy. While espousing the intent of makers, we will decide the optimum sales channels with a grasp of the market. After the products are out in the market as well, we will carefully monitor their movement and consider rollout methods.

Online Cross Merchandising Promotion

There is need now to actively set forth retail strategies not only for real stores, but for online as well. Based on our Cross Merchandising Promotion planning ability for real stores, IDA Ryogokudo also focus on Cross Merchandising Promotion online. Instead of screens that simply pitch prices and promote brands, we support the production of pages and banners that provide consumers with learnings and discoveries that will capture more attention on the e-commerce screen. Also, similar to real stores, we contribute to expanding to the online sales channel by attentively setting themes, for example “Anti-aging care recommendations” and “Limited-time items that are perfect as gifts.”




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