How we make brands shine

We want to raise brand recognition


“Recognition has not grown among consumers, but with limits in budget and expertise, unable to initiate bold branding measures.” More than a few makers face this dilemma. IDA Ryogokudo will coordinate with long-time retailers to help raising brand recognition by providing proposals that match the various trends.


For example, makers like this

We sell exclusively on EC but can’t tap new customers

We want to try selling at stores where we can have direct points of contact with customers

We want ideas for new products that would raise brand recognition

IDA Ryogokudo will
help makers with these dilemmas.


Retailing not only items, but brand value as well
Creating a sense of specialness with limited products

IDA Ryogokudo perpetually searches for how to differentiate with a retail strategy. One example of a suggestion is to transform how they pitch technology they are strong in by applying variation to product that is already popular or was popular in the past, such as adding a currently popular fragrance to hair oil that had only been unscented and newly launching this. The maker would announce the product before launch on their social media and other and it would be lined up at shops as a limited product to convey how special it is. Creating topics like this will extend reach to a new buyer demographic and raise brand recognition.

Approaching new consumer by choosing the sales channel that best fits brand value

Capturing new customers without compromising brand value is a challenge for all brands. We propose the optimum sales channel, with respect for the history, philosophy, and present state of each brand. We work as a company that engages in the distribution of not only products, but of brand value as well.




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