How we make brands shine

We want to target a new product category


When a maker engages in multiple product categories, it’s not unusual to have strong categories that they can confidently pitch to consumers, along with weaker categories that lack momentum in sales growth. IDA Ryogokudo will gladly provide solid support for both, but we will especially propose a customized approach for the latter and contribute to capturing new consumers.


For example, makers like this

We are confident in our proprietary technologies, but can’t cultivate a second pillar

We rolled out a new series, but sales have been stagnant

We want to pitch our technologies from a new angle, but don’t know how

IDA Ryogokudo will
help makers with these dilemmas.


Our strengths for capturing new consumers
Creation of new discoveries through Cross Merchandising Promotion

We establish themes such as “dilemmas” that target consumers and execute Cross Merchandising Promotion, which crosses borders between makers. Placing stagnant products alongside standard products in a shop will raise their visibility. We will also propose using POP to promote the features that differentiate it from surrounding products. If the product has been just recently launched, we may also suggest revisiting design, including the package.

Promotion for store implementation

While makers may be well prepared with their products, it is not uncommon for them to not be ready with store display equipment, easy-to-understand POP stickers, and testers. This may be fine in their strong category because the product brand is established. But we have seen this cause a company to miss the opportunity to gain presence in stores for their weaker category. IDA Ryogokudo will provide advice on what types of promotional materials would be effective for stores, the quantity of testers and promotional materials that should be readied, and more, providing guidance to create opportunities for store implementation.

Proposals to revise product theme presentation

Another strength of our company is the ability to provide proposals with a different angle from makers. For example, there may be a maker that has a strong record for its anti-aging product portfolio, but is faltering with its acne-related products. By developing a shop with the theme of “acne care,” we will place a spotlight on the maker’s acne-related products that were buried in the shelves. We have also successfully raised recognition of a skin toner by suggesting revising the pitch from “effective for skin problems” to “anti-aging.” As described, our standpoint between maker and retailer enables us to provide objective proposals, unbound from existing themes. We believe that this is the value we provide to our business partners.


IDA Ryogokudo solution results
Maker A

Maker A’s strength was in seasonal products, and their issue was that many products would be returned when the season ended and struggled to sell. We proposed additional product that could be sold throughout all seasons for year-round engagement.




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