Our asset:
Cross Merchandising Promotion


A fun and fantastic shopping experience for customers who visit the world’s most enjoyable shop.
The largest factor that contributes to this is our asset: Cross Merchandising Promotion.

What is Cross Merchandising Promotion?

This is IDA Ryogokudo’s unique shop development method that detects the shifting of customer emotions and ignites their purchase motivation. Our sales team will create a customized shop that matches the store concept and visitor demographic with “beauty solutions”, “by lifestyle”, or “by lifestyle occasion”. We create value through new purchase and usage styles for customers.

Real examples of Cross Merchandising Promotion

With Cross Merchandising Promotion, displays are arranged according to various themes to trigger new discoveries for visiting customers, which in turn promotes the purchase of one more item. We introduce a number of examples.


“Making short hair super flattering”
Care for the eye-drawing parts
April–May is the most pleasant season of the year. As temperatures gradually rise, an increasing number of people may think, “I want to cut my hair short for a change of mood.” When a person goes from long hair to short hair, others will notice their profile and neckline for the first time. This is a proposal to touch up on those key points and enjoy an eye-catching short-hair look.
Those with short hair or who are thinking of cutting their hair short.


“Neighborhood Makeup Variations”
You’re all good with just this
People are staying close to home in this current lifestyle of restraint. With telecommuting and being home for most of the day, many likely do not wear makeup.
But they will go out in their neighborhood to do some shopping. This proposal coaches them for “lazy” makeup that is recommended as a minimum, selecting items according to the time they have.
“My range of activity is narrow because restrictions are placed on outside activities.” “I don’t keep myself tidy because I have to wear a mask.” “I spend the day at home, so I don’t need to wear makeup. But I go out in the neighborhood to buy commodities, so I do care a little about how others see me.” This proposal answers the needs of these people.
Those who are home all day because they telecommute. Those who don’t want to look too frumpy, even if they cut corners.


“One extra step before going out the door”
Items to boost the mood before going out
With worries about invisible viruses when going out these days, it has become more common to go directly to the washbasin after coming home to wash the hands and gargle.
Under these circumstances, wearing a mask has become imperative to prevent infection when going out, but this causes many people to worry about bad breath and smearing of makeup. This time, we set the theme of “before going out” and chose items for use as an extra step at the entrance hall to boost the mood for going out.
Those who go out every day for work (those who cannot work remotely)


“Bothered by Darkened/Rough Skin Here and There”
Gain smooth, silky skin
As warm weather arrives, many people likely start preparing before summer for skin-baring fashion. However, although their regime seems thorough, many are bothered by blackening from pigmentation or bumps and roughness that get in the way of beautiful skin. We prepared this proposal with the hope that these people will gain smooth and silky skin.
Those who are bothered by blackened or rough skin


“Cosmetics that prevent stickiness”
Suppress oiliness for ideal skin
At this time of year when temperatures suddenly rise, a typical skin issue is skin oiliness. “Shiny sebum” is already a hot phrase, and those who are bothered by shiny sebum likely are always on the watch for products with better functions. There is also a growing number of situations where people worry about how their face looks on camera with the spread of videoconferencing. We consequently chose this theme with the thought that we could pitch to many people, not only those who are bothered by shiny sebum.
Those who want to rid their skin of shine or stickiness, and those who don’t want to give the impression of oily skin during videoconferences and other
IDA Ryogokudo proposes Cross Merchandising Promotion and a range of solutions that respond to customer dilemmas.
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